On Campus Events - 4km Fun Run / Walk

Humber Lakeshore 2018 Mental Health Run Recap



The 2018 Mental Health Run was a huge success! Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for helping

to run this great event. We were lucky to have the sun shine down on us on an October afternoon

as we ran for mental health awareness. We had students and members from the surrounding

community come out to run, or walk the four kilometre route and we were thrilled to have the


Each year we look forward to the Mental Health Run as a great Lakeshore tradition. This event seeks

to shed light on Mental Health awareness and the stigma that plagues over one in five Canadians every

year. By holding events such as this in our community, we can do our part to show solidarity to those

who feel that they might not have any support otherwise. So what exactly are we running for?


While millions of Canadians are affected by mental health illnesses, did you know that a majority of

those afflicted will choose not to seek treatment? One of the biggest reasons for this is the stigma that

surrounds mental health illnesses. Many people hide their illness out of fear of discrimination, isolation,

and being misunderstood by others. Individuals who don’t receive treatment face a risk of emotional

turmoil, self-harm, and in some cases, suicide.


This event is not only an excuse to be active, but an event to support all individuals that have to deal

with a stigma that surrounds their reality. By running, we recognize that our society has a long

way to go before the stigma that surrounds mental health becomes a thing of the past. We will continue

to run this event in the hopes that we can help make a difference in how we look at and talk about

mental health.



Interesting statistics from the Canadian Mental Health Society:

  • Approximately 8 per cent of adults will experience depression at some point in their lives
  • Anxiety disorders affect approximately 5 per cent of our population
  • 60 per cent of individuals with a mental illness choose not to seek treatment
  • Approximately 10 per cent of the Canadian population reported to have substance abuse problems
  • 10 per cent of Canadians have mood disorders
  • It is estimated that up to 20 per cent of Canada’s youth age 15-24 will experience a mental health illness at some point in their lives
  • Mental health affects people of all backgrounds, ages, income levels, and cultures
  • By age 40, 50 per cent of Canadians will have experienced a mental health illness at some point

Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website for more information