Lakeshore Feature - Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers Joel Eppinghaus and Cressan Genus

Etobicoke - Welcome back to Lakeshore Features, this feature is all about Humber Alumni - the Boom Brothers! The Boom Brothers are this awesome duo made up of Joel Eppinghaus and Cressan Genus!

Joel graduated from Humber’s graphic design advanced diploma program in 2014. After graduating from Humber Joel received a job at Rethink Toronto. After leaving Rethink, he made his way to The Tite Group, which was where he spent most of his advertising career. Since August 2017, he’s been posted 26 hours north of Toronto in the municipality of Red Lake where he works frontline policing, court duties and just recently trained to have the title of a crisis/hostage negotiator.

Cressan has completed three programs here at Humber; police foundations, crime scene investigation and protection security and investigation! Since he graduated he’s been policing the rural areas and reserves in Saskatchewan as an RCMP General Duty member. 

Joel has been a part of the Humber family for 10 years this year, having joined our Lakeshore athletics staff in 2011. He loves to hunt and fish, which would make that his favourite time of year. He is also hooked on The Mandalorian Star Wars series - but who isn’t! Baby Yoda is hard to resist!

Cressan’s favourite food is sushi and he loved the fall and winter, there’s just something about being wrapped in a warm blanket when you know it’s cold outside. He highly recommends everyone watch the TV series “The Boys” although he warns it is not for the faint of heart. His all time favourite athlete is Kobe Bryant.

Joel was never a part of any extramural teams but he assisted in facilitating a lot of the programs with his buddy - and our current extramural volleyball coach - Henry Morales. For Joel, extramural are all about teamwork & working together on/off the court/rink/field. Joels favourite memory from Humber Lakeshore Athletics is “Working my entire educational career at the Gym, meeting SO many different faces & building so many long lasting relationships – To top it off, we had some amazing supervisors like Sonya Herrfort & Nathania Bron, love you two!!!”

For Cressan, extramurals means a time to meet awesome people from within the college and from other colleges. Being on extramurals he met many great people and they helped shaped who he is today. He highly recommend joining! His tip for new students is to make sure you apply for those bursaries every year, that’s a life hack! He also recommends new students get involved and enjoy the student life and try new things.

Cressan and Joel were an incredible team here at Lakeshore athletics during their days as student staff. Dedicated lead hands who were practically inseparable, including during workouts!

Boom Brothers Joel Eppinghaus and Cressan Genus Lakeshore Staff photo including Joel and Cressan with Humber mascot Boom Brothers Joel Eppinghaus and Cressan Genus